About Larisa

Larisa Buro is a composer and opera singer (mezzo-soprano)

Larisa Buro is a composer and opera singer (mezzo soprano) from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated from the music academy in East Sarajevo at the department of solo singing in the class of prima donna assoluta, soprano prof. Radmila Bakocevic. Larisa got her master's degree in the class of mezzo-soprano prof. Aleksandar Ristic. She is the winner of numerous awards at local and international competitions for solo singers. One that stands out is the first prize at the international competition for solo singers in Serbia "Nikola Cvejic" in 2008. During her studies, she worked at the Bosnian national Opera house in Sarajevo.

There she worked on numerous projects in the Sarajevo Opera House: "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, Rachamnin's "Evgeny Onegin", Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony", Haris Pasovic's "Conquest of Happiness". She worked as a vocal coach with actors for interneational project "Mujo, Suljo and Fata in society of spectacles" directed by Haris Pasovic. Her first opera debut was in "Na Uranak" by Stanislav Binicki, directed by Ljubo Bozovic. She has numerous concerts as an opera soloist in front of the Chamber Symphony Orchestra at the Bosnian National Theater in Zenica. She participated as an opera soloist and as part of the instrumental ensemble "Fugato". She participated in numerous projects and concerts of medieval music. Larisa also worked as a full-time vocal coach at music highscool in Zenica. With her students, she achieves great results and first prizes in local and international singing competitions. Some of those are prizes from renowned competitions - "Nikola Cvejic" - Serbia, "Bruna Špiler" - Montenegro, "Vera Kovac Vitkaj" Serbia, etc. The awards that should be singled out are certainly those from participation in world solo singing competitions - the first prize and the Grand Prix from the competition "S. R. Lemešev" in Moscow 2016, first prize at the solo singer competition "Becki snovi" in Vienna in 2017. Her students successfully enroll in singing studies at prestigious music academies across Europe - Graz, Vienna, Salzburg, Frankfurt...

As a composer, she begins collaboration with the Bosnian science-fiction writer Selim Alagic, where she composes the theme for the main protagonist of his novel "Altruist - Anomalies of the Heart". The composition is called "Samo sa tobom". She continues her collaboration with Alagic and this time as a completely independent author - songwriter, author of music, arrangement and production. She composes another musical theme "The ones who came before us - Ambers theme" for the main protagonist of the upcoming Alagic's novel. She also participated as a vocal soloist at the first Bosnian game development animation conference - "LOADING". She is currently engaged in several important projects, of which the creation of the soundtrack for the film "Bosnian Knight" by the Bosnian director Tarik Hodzic should definitely be singled out.​​ By combining her passion for music and fashion, she started collaborating with few fashion brands like Nour&Merchant by creating their musical themes.
In her spare time Larisa focuses her energy on photography and art.

Latest Projects

Larisa puts her heart and soul into the projects she is working on while combining her music with film, fashion, literature, history and other themes that inspire her.

Skyrim - The DragonBorn Comes

Role: Score composer, music producer, singer

Bosanski Vitez

Role: Score composer, music producer, singer


Role: Song composer, music producer, singer


Role: Song composer, singer


Role: Song composer, music producer, singer

Fashion Collaborations

In her spare time Larisa likes to collaborate with fashion brands as a self portrait photograper